Life in the middle ages

2 400 Ft 2 160 Ft

Oldalszám: 24 oldalas + 10 oldalnyi matrica, Méret: 305*238 mm

5 éves kortól ajánlott.


Cikkszám: 58164 Kategória:


A funny historical sticker book full of busy scenes from life in the Middle Ages, to be completed with the stickers provided. Scenes for children to complete include a medieval fair, a holy pilgrimage, a castle under siege, life at an early university and much more. With over 600 stickers of monks, knights, villagers, pilgrims and plague victims ready to populate the pages, as well as food, animals and other objects of medieval life. Each scene includes lots of fascinating information about the lives, homes and adventures of people living through the Middle Ages.


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