Look inside a hospital

4 000 Ft 3 600 Ft

Oldalszám: 14 oldalas, Méret: 216 x 192 mm

5 éves kortól ajánlott.

2 készleten


Lift the flaps to find out what happens inside a hospital – and meet some of the amazing people who work there. Young children can explore the emergency and maternity units, learn how x-rays and scans work and see inside an operating theatre. With over 50 flaps to lift and links to websites where you can take hospital tours and meet patients.

On the blog: The story of 5-year-old Josh, our researcher for Look Inside a Hospital

“It’s beautifully engaging with so much to see on every spread and with lots of flaps to open on every page. We love it.”
Okido Magazine


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