The Amber Pendant

2 800 Ft 2 520 Ft

9 éves kortól ajánlott.

Oldalszám: 320 oldalas, Méret: 198 x 130 mm

Sorozat: The Rose Muddle Mysteries

Szerző:  Imogen White

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When Rose Muddle is plucked from the workhouse to become a maid in a grand mansion, she discovers that her new mistress has secret plans for her – plans which involve a strange amber pendant with extraordinary powers.
But fearsome enemies lurk in the shadows, intent on finding the mysterious pendant. As the shadows begin to close in, can Rose uncover the truth of her own destiny to stop these forces of evil?

“A thrilling magical mystery story, one that will grip young readers from beginning to end.” LoveReading4Kids



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